Business Description

Plant Business

Water treatment systems for electronic industries

Ultra pure water for cleaning semiconductors, liquid crystal panels and other electronic materials and parts is used not only by leading Japanese manufacturers but also by overseas companies. In step with the trend towards larger factories, Organo responds to needs for large flow volumes of 2000 cubic meters per hour and is working to promote environmentally friendly closed systems that emit no effulent.

Water Treatment systems for general industries

Organo provides systems for efficiently manufacturing and treating process water, by effectively combining different systems to meet the needs of the chemical, oil refinery, food, paper and pulp, textile, dyeing, automobile, plating and other industries.

Water treatment systems for power stations (in Japan)

Water treatments for domestic thermal and nuclear power stations need to be highly reliable. Organo holds a 70% market share in this sector and a particularly high market share in the market for water treatment systems for nuclear power stations.

Water treatment system for water work and sewage

Waterworks and sewage treatment are essential services. Responsible for water treatment, waterworks and sewage treatment facilities take advantage of Organo’s outstanding technologies, such as advanced treatment using activated carbon and ozone, membrane filtration, and biological treatment.

Water treatment systems for medical care and pharmaceutical industries

Organo effectively combines different technologies,, including distilled water production equipment for producing injection water and pure water steam generators for protecting drug manufacturing facilities from bacteria. It does this under a quality control system that is based on a consistent philosophy of providing safe water with high purity and zero pyrongen (a fever-producing substance) content